Sompo Canopius

Feeling the brand

When Sompo Canopius asked us to design, organise and produce a series of events that clearly defined their new brand, we leapt on to one simple idea.

Let’s get our audience to feel the brand. Really feel it. In fact, let’s get them to touch it.

At the heart of the engagement programme, we carefully developed a series of animal origami designs that conveyed Sompo Canopius’s brand values in a simple, folk-lore style storytelling manner.

And we then took this a step further.

We asked employees, clients and neighbours (in the Lloyd’s Building) to make the origami animals and share their creations via social media. And they did the rest of the job for us. They participated, they touched and they built the brand in front of their own eyes. And they chatted and they compared and they enjoyed themselves.

And an effective campaign was born. Globally as the engagement programme has now run across all client and broker offices worldwide. The power of touch.