A Man went for a swim in the river….

… and emerged 10 days later, having swum 124 miles.

Our nominated charity, Building for the Future, is close to our hearts in many ways. So much so that one of our team, Andre, undertook to fundraise for them by swimming the length of the Thames in July 2016.

We have supported BFTF for several years, designing and producing newsletters, stationery, leaflets and event materials, whilst also helping them to develop their brand and identity.

As their local user numbers has continued to increase, so has their need for constant funds to operate, due mainly to their wonderful community centre – ‘Our House’ – which is in Wokingham. It offers free to access, volunteer-led activities, play groups, therapeutic support and parental support for children across the disability and additional support spectrum.

So, having started at Lechlade in Gloucestershire on July 9th on a cool summer’s morning, Andre embarked on a challenge that had a lot of community interests and needs at stake. Swimming up to 14 miles per day, for 7-8 hours per day he navigated the full, non-tidal section of the Thames, through six counties and negotiating 44 locks, through to Teddington where he arrived on schedule on 18th July.

The shoulders were so sore at the end of the swim that he didn’t manage to pick up a drawing pencil or copywriting pen for several days afterwards. It did however give him plenty of time to think about current client work and design ideas….

Until the next challenge, rumoured to be an attempt on the English Channel.


Andre's swim 2


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