The Intern Speaks

Things come always to an end. These two weeks at Handstand have been productive, challenging, and fun. Today is my last day of internship and I am thinking: what to do next? I have just graduated in Graphic Design and like thousand of people out there, I am trying to get something out of this competitive industry.. a job, a placement, whatever I can find.

Talking with the Handstand team, they explained to me that they care about giving students a grasp of the environment they will face, once they will approach their first job. “We have all been there” said Fabri, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this empathy. Nowadays design agencies don’t always bother to take interns in, but when they do, they are doing us a great favour. I read once an article of someone who wrote that internships are a form of slavery. Well, I think we just need some balance, like everything in life.

Good luck to all the recent graduates. There’s hope out there.
A big thank you goes to: Andre, Fabri, Laura and Tara.


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