Goodbye old, hello new…

“Remember where you came from lad, ’cause one day you might just need to come back…” As uttered by a yorkshireman somewhere, once upon a time ago. Probably horrified at the thought that anyone could leave the county.

Well, the time has come to give our original brand and identity a final dusting down and wrap it up in newspaper, consigned to the logo attic at the bottom of a box of memories.

Sad? we’re not. Cartwheel was our time in the print management marketplace, in which we continue to be very active and happy. Yet our design activity and creative interests are now the predominant area of our work and we feel it’s a good time to bring both Cartwheel and Handstand under the one identity of Handstand. Cartwheel lives on in spirit and ethos…… and all our Cartwheel clients are still our clients. But most of them have come to know us under a duel identity, so we feel that the adjustment will be a natural one for all.

One last thank you – to Peter Ward and Neil Quiddington for their inspired Cartwheel logo design in 2005 that has served us so well for almost 10 years.