Pitching our way into 2015

The year so far has seen the culmination of a lot of effort (in 2014) in business development activity. Some exciting potential clients have asked us to pitch, tender and to generally open up our box of tricks to show what we can do.

The pitching process is a nerve-wracking yet exciting process for any creative team that is really proud of it’s portfolio, yet wants to go to the next level in terms of consultative relationships that pushes and tests its creative and strategic thinking skills. Here’s what’s at the heart of our pitching message:

  1. We try to put preconceptions about the final deliverable to one side and really get into the brief, and behind it. What do you want to say, to whom and with what response?
  2. Embedding ourselves into our clients’ mindsets, cultures and businesses is fundamental to achieving (1)
  3. That we understand complex messages and have a singular ability to simplify them into effective and engaging communciations. Achieved again by disciplined adherence to (1) and (2). Which in total = 3

Have we been successful? More to follow…….